4 x 8B in Font

This year’s April and May I’ve spent 3 weeks in Fontainebleau to try demanding boulder problems on my personal limit. It was super fun and motivating to see and feel how I was improving and I really enjoyed the challenge to go this specific step further in my personal bouldering, even if there were sometimes hard and frustrating moments. I also took my camera with me and recorded some ascents. Here is a short video clip featuring four 8B’s I’ve done in the forest. I hope You like it! Cheers David ;-)

2nd place at EYC Längenfeld (AUT)

Topped 1st final problem (c) Elias Holzknecht

Topped 1st final problem (c) Elias Holzknecht

My team mate Max Prinz and I competed last weekend at the European Youth Bouldering Cup at Längenfeld in Austria during the Ötztaler Kletterfestival and could take two medals back home with us. It was a nice event despite the rainy and cold weather. Here is an article (in German) I wrote for our local climbing website www.kletternimnorden.de in Northern Germany.

Take care, David ;-)

Hard moves in Kjugekull (SWE)

Here we go with a video about Kjugekull’s hardest classics (full report)! We hope You like it and visit the area one day as well. Thanks to everyone for the great time we had together ;-)  We want to come back soon… Cheers David

Three months of meeting inspiring climbers

Deep Throat (8B), Magic Wood - (c) Markus Ixmeier

Deep Throat (8B), Magic Wood – (c) Markus Ixmeier

From April until July I’ve been traveling from Sweden via Fontainebleau into the Alps bouldering without touching my harness and rope a single time. I’ve also been competing at boulder competitions. I even could win the German Seniors’ National Boulder Cup  in Auerbach, the German Juniors’ Championship in Friedrichshafen and the International Juniors’ EYC in L’Argentière. During these months on the road I’ve met inspiring people and had amazing climbing experiences. I’ve discovered gorgeous places and widen my horizons.
I’ve sent many hard boulders up to 8B+ (see: tick list on 8a.nu) in that time and increased my climbing level significantly. Thank You everyone I met for this unforgettable time we’ve had! Here is a “potpourri” of some  impressions I can give and some reports that have been published. There are some video clips to start with, too. Weiterlesen

School & Climbing – Kalymnos



Recently I made this public presentation (in German) about the climbing activities at my School - CJD Elze (near Hannover, North of Germany). Included you can find a couple of pictures from Kalymnos (Fotographer: Reiner Eder © VISUAL IMPACT GmbH) where I stayed together with the swiss climbing team from Zurich on Easter. The Kalymnos pics can be started as a slide show by clicking the play button (searching for it with the cursor on the bottom of the first slide; it might take some time to load the slide show!).

More about climbing and school you can find here on this blog.

Greez Rubi :-)

Restjug Interview



Hey there,

there is a nice Interview of us on Restjug. It´s about our climbs in Spain last winter as well as about our relationship as brothers and our plans for the future.

Enjoy reading ;)

Greez Ruben

10 days in Kjugekull in Southern Sweden

Ruben in "Alla vill till himmelen, men ingen vill dö" (fb 8A) - (c) Bernhard Viehweger

Ruben in “Alla vill till himmelen, men ingen vill dö” (fb 8A) – (c) Bernhard Viehweger

From April, 1st until 10th we were in Kjugekull for bouldering on its terrific granite. It is a well-known and one of the best boulder areas in Sweden and we have to say that we really enjoyed the time we stayed there. Not just the climbing and nature surrounding Kjugekull but also the people we met, the language, the food and all the other little things we discovered on our short trip turned out to be a memorable adventure. The only matter we were a little bit annoyed at was the weather: During the 10 days we had to pause extra 2 days because it was raining. Finally, it was the least evil though. Weiterlesen

Rock climbing weekend with the Northern German Rock Climbing Team

Hey guys,

as of late I’m a new member of the Northern German Rock Climbing Team. On the first weekend of March this year we were training together at the Pferdestall and Heulboje in Steinberg and Holzen/Luerdissen near Hannover. Thanks to Christian Buchards who wrote an article (in German) about the meeting and thanks to the whole team for a funny climbing and successful excursion on two sunny and enjoyable days.

Best regards & more news to come soon

David ;-)

9a’s in Catalonia

Ruben is trying “A Muerte” (9a) in Siurana after his send of “Era Vella” in Margalef – Pic by David Firnenburg

With a grand pleasure we have to inform You about two 9a routes we’ve completed during the last two weeks in Catalonia. Ruben is back in Hanover now and David still there. Here are some short comments about our ascents: Weiterlesen