10 days in Kjugekull in Southern Sweden

Ruben in "Alla vill till himmelen, men ingen vill dö" (fb 8A) - (c) Bernhard Viehweger

Ruben in „Alla vill till himmelen, men ingen vill dö“ (fb 8A) – (c) Bernhard Viehweger

From April, 1st until 10th we were in Kjugekull for bouldering on its terrific granite. It is a well-known and one of the best boulder areas in Sweden and we have to say that we really enjoyed the time we stayed there. Not just the climbing and nature surrounding Kjugekull but also the people we met, the language, the food and all the other little things we discovered on our short trip turned out to be a memorable adventure. The only matter we were a little bit annoyed at was the weather: During the 10 days we had to pause extra 2 days because it was raining. Finally, it was the least evil though. Weiterlesen