European Youth Cup Lead Kranj (SLO)

Last weekend the final event of the European Youth Cup 2012 was hosted in Kranj near Ljubjana in Slovenia. It was a well-organised competition and I was very glad to meet a big part of the young international climbing scene and friends again. I trained well in Switzerland before and was confident about the fact that, if I climb without doing any mistake, I will have the chance to win this competition. I gave all the rest of the energy I had after a long climbing season and climbed well in the qualifications, reaching the final round. I knew that it wouldn’t make sense to put too much pressure on me, so I managed myself to stay cool and enjoy climbing the final route. It worked well and I was pretty happy being the winner of this day and overall winner of the European Youth Cup Lead 2012 in the Youth B category. I think it was great, finishing this year’s competition season with a 1st place and I’m quite nosy about how it will work next year!

Thanks a lot to my friends, sponsors, trainers, my school in Zurich, my family and everybody who is supporting me :) Now I will take a couple of days time for working on some rock projects, which are left from last year, enjoying the nature and rock-climbing here in Slovenia in Misja Pec and Osp, especially together with Jakob Heber-Norum, a very good friend of mine! See You soon, Ruben ;)

Video of Ruben’s final go on Youtube!

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Ruben climbs “Frank’s wild years” in Cresciano

Pic by Markus Senn

Last weekend I decided to go bouldering in Cresciano trying some projects I wasn’t able to finish two weeks ago. “Frank´s wild years” was one of the best looking problems! I was really motivated to try this amazing line on pinches. By the way I met Jan Hojer and Lullu Deubzer which was really surprising. I didn’t expect to meet some friends from Germany here :) After checking out every move, while my crew took some time to try other problems in the wood, that was the chance to concentrate myself and to be totally focused on the climb. With one crashpad and my bag as another pad covering somes stones on the bottom it took me some more tries to top out “Frank´s wild years” (FB 8A/8A+)! Superb problem and one of the best boulders I’ve ever done!
It was nice to stay in Cresciano again! Special thanks to Makus Senn for the pictures, Simon Riediker and Rafael Wernli for having a good time together in the wood!

Greetings Ruben ;)

Video of Ruben climbing “Frank’s wild years” on You Tube!

“Bouldersession” 2012

Yesterday the “Bouldersession” took place at the boulder gym Escaladrome in my hometown Hannover. There were over 400 competitors registered so that the two boulder halls got completely filled with climbers. But it wasn’t bad because of a really great atmosphere altogether. 80 boulder problems were set nicely so that it became a great event. All in all my fingers got totally ripped off but I had a lot of fun! Thanks to the routesetters and the team. Cheers David ;)

A fine bouldering day in Cresciano

A few days ago I went bouldering in Cresciano (CH) with my Swiss friends Rebekka Stotz and Makus Senn. It was a fantastic day outside and the conditions were almost perfect. We enjoyed the nice sunny weather and tried some really exciting boulder problems! Among other climbs I could finish “La grotte des soupirs” (fb 7C+) and flashed “Freccia tricolore” (fb 7C). I also climbed “La pioche” (fb 7B+) which is one of the best boulder problems I’ve ever done in this grade. There are such a lot of excellent problems left here in the wood of Cresciano that I’m looking forward to come back for climbing with Rebekka and “Kusi”!

A short video clip from “La grotte des soupirs” and a photo gallery below! Greez Ruben ;)

Video clip of “La grotte des soupirs” (fb 7C+) on Vimeo!