We are David and Ruben Firnenburg. We are born in 1995 and 1997. Our home is in Hannover/Germany, but we also use to stay in different places, i.e. for exchange years in Innsbruck/Austria (David) and Zurich/Switzerland (Ruben). We do rock and competition climbing. Moreover we are interested in mountaineering, the conflict of nature conservation and climbing and photography/film.

I discovered my passion for climbing at the age of 6 years. Since my first climbing meters on rock this feeling of freedom and lightness never disappeared. When I was 10 years old I oriented myself also towards competitive climbing. Now I have arrived at a stage where I train systematically for climbing on the rocks and in the competitions. Besides performance and success I understand climbing as a great employment in a kind of self-discovery process through which I already got to know a lot of amazing people and places in the world. It is not that easy to put into a few words what climbing is giving and teaching to me. But one thing can be put into a nutshell: it is so much fun and I hardly can imagine to leave it one day. It has become a big part of myself.

My development is similar to David’s one since I started with climbing even a bit earlier at the age of 5 years. Meanwhile I also could manage to be successful with hard rock climbs on boulders and routes as well as with numerous national and international competitions. As we both grew up in Hanover in Northern Germany which is quite far away from the Frankenjura or the Alps, we love to travel around and to discover all variations of our passion in many areas, mainly all around Europe.

Here is a recent interview (2014) where you can find some more about our climbs, our relationship as brothers and our plans for the future: http://www.firnenburgbrothers.com/2014/05/11/restjug-interview/