Beal is our new hardware sponsor

It is a great pleasure for us to welcome Beal as  our new Sponsor who equips us with climbing hardware reaching from climbing ropes and quickdraws over harnesses and slings to chalk and much more. We really appreciate this support which offers a safe stay and high-tech material for sport climbing. We are very happy to work together with Beal!

Two days and one week in Frankenjura

David in "Hänsel ohne Gretel" (8b), Holzgauerwand - Pic by Ruben Firnenburg

David in „Hänsel ohne Gretel“ (8b), Holzgauerwand/Frankenjura – Pic by Ruben Firnenburg

After the European Youth Boulder Cup in Laval Ruben and I spent one week in the Frankenjura for rock climbing. But to be honest, the weather was mainly crap. Only on Friday and Saturday the sun came out and the rock was more or less dry which made it possible to send hard routes.

Ruben’s fall vacations already began on October 3rd so that we met with Lena Herrmann in Frankenjura for two days before she and David had to fly to Laval. Weiterlesen

European Youth Boulder Cup in Laval (FRA)

In the third final problem - Pic by C. Loury

In the third final problem – Pic by C. Loury

After a seesaw with our federation, if we can compete or not, Lena Herrmann and I finally got the chance to start at this year’s last European Youth Boulder Cup in Laval (FRA). Consequently the German Lead Cup in Würzburg wasn’t my last competition this year after all. The message that we are allowed to participate was surprising. Lena and I were driving on the high-way in direction to Frankenjura to spend some days on the rock. Particularly she was overjoyed to hear that. For her it was the last opportunity to perform well in her last year to compete in a youth category ever. That meant that we had to reorganize our plans a bit. Weiterlesen

German Championship 2013

Ruben in the youth final

In the youth A final route – Pic by David Firnenburg

The lead finals of the German Championships this year, including an overall ranking (lead, boulder and speed) for youth A, took place in Würzburg (Bavaria) on October, 5th-6th. David and I both started at the seniors’ competition on Saturday. On the following Sunday I competed again in Youth A. Not just the seniors’ competition was a spectacular fight. The youth competition was also this year’s last chance for me to become German Champion. Weiterlesen