Lead World Cup in Puurs (BEL)

Ruben in his first qualification route

Ruben in his first qualification route – Archive Halenke

Last weekend there was the second Lead World Cup for me which took place in Puurs (BEL). Besides the stressful everyday life at school I had to manage another big competition and left home on Thursday before. As every year the competition was hosted at the Klimax climbing gym, a very steep competition wall outside which is by the way a good training facility. With a lot of motivation I went there to give all the best at my last international competition this season. Weiterlesen

German Lead Cup in Neu-Ulm

Ruben won at the Youth lead event - Pic by www.bergleben.de

Ruben became 1st in the Youth lead event – Pic by http://www.bergleben.de/klettern

Last weekend the Sparkassen Dome in Neu-Ulm (Bavaria) was host of the penultimate stage of the German Lead Cup and German Youth Lead Cup 2013. A wide lead competition wall and a seperated speed wall aside offered enough space for aprox. 170 athletes overall at the juniors and seniors cup. The work of the very well organised team with plenty of volunteers and backers lead to a smooth event which made it even more enjoyable for climbers to compete and for spectators to watch. A lot of parents, coaches and laymen were coming to support the climbers and to cheer them up the wall. So to speak, full house and good athmosphere. Weiterlesen

Mixed results at WC (L), WYCH and WC (B)

At French Beach National Park (Vancouver Island, BC)

At French Beach National Park (Vancouver Island, BC) – Pic by Ana Tiripa

Indeed, this August there were not so much posts and actual news of our doings because we were travelling from A to B over aprox. two months in a row not being at home. Sadly, we were both ill for two weeks too. Now we are sure that it’s time to inform you about our latest activities and what we were doing the last time. To be short: We were competing at the Lead World Cup in Imst (AUT), this year’s competition highlight the Lead WYCH in Central Saanich (CAN) and the Boulder World Cup which took place in Munich (GER) on 24th and 25th of August. We decide to call this headline „mixed results“ because not everything went well for us this time. A lot of mistakes and disappointments happended but we have to say that after all the new experiences we move on with a clearer awareness of what to work on in the future. We take it easy and keep working on our goals with motivation, effort and fun. Take a look what we have to report: Weiterlesen