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Trying "Gabentisch" (fb 7C+/8A) at Biwakdach - Pic by Rouven Kühn (c)

Trying “Gabentisch” (fb 7C+/8A) at Biwakdach – (c) Rouven Kühn

Two and a half weeks ago Ruben and I were bouldering outdoors in Ith near Hanover. It was fun because the weather was great (sunny, dry and enjoyable cool) and a good friend of us, Rouven Kühn, took some nice pictures while bouldering together at the “Biwakdach”. He is a very friendly and sympathetic guy. By now we already know him  since we started climbing and training very young. Ruben still gets sponsored by him via Gearhead climbing. Thank You a lot for Your support Rouven!

Check out his website “rourk Photography” too:

Stay tuned! We will keep You updated! Cheers,

David & Ruben ;-)

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