Fontainebleau is amazing

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One highlight of this trip! Flashed "Tigre te dragon" (fb 8A) in Rocher Greau

One highlight of this trip! Flashed “Tigre te dragon” (fb 8A) in Rocher Greau – Pic by Lena Herrmann

Currently I’m in Fontainebleau for bouldering on one of the best rock in Europe. My good friend and strong climber Lena Herrmann is accompanying me and it makes a lot of fun projecting and sending the boulder problems with her. This should be just a very short post so there will be more news to come. We will stay here until the beginning of December, then we are off to Catalunya. Life is good. I’m happy and enjoying the stay here.

All the best from my side and cheers

David ;-)

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Ein Gedanke zu “Fontainebleau is amazing

  1. I truly not envy you for your most memorable experiences in the forest of Fontainebleau. It’s much better here in cold, foggy and humid Germany looking forward to the next 12 hour day at work. Catalunya? Pah – I’m sure my three conferences tmrw will be of a much higher significance ;;;)))
    To be serious: Keep on going like this and use every moment of your travel as good as you can. Whatever it means :)

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