Election of the best young athletes in Lower Saxony 2014

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elected athletes (c) LSB Nidersachsen

Elected athletes (c) LSB Niedersachsen

Yesterday we attended the “winner-party” in Hanover. All national and international sport champions in Lower Saxony were invited. David who won the European Boulder Youth Championship in Arco (Italy) was one of the three nominated athletes for the first price. At the end he was very happy of being announced 2nd, just after Jonas Bokeloh who is a Juniors´ World Champion in cycling. The 3rd place went to Johann Wahmhoff who is a Juniors´ World Champion in rowing.

The event is yearly organized by the Sports Youth Association of Lower Saxony. It´s an important event that can contribute to a rising popularity of sportclimbing in Northern Germany. It was a great experience to meet all these interesting and succesfull athletes from other sports in our region.

Here you can find the official article of the Sports Youth Association of Lower Saxony (in German).

Cheers Ruben :-)

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