Training course in Nuremberg

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Dicki, David, Lena, Ruben and Patrick (f.l.t.r.)

Last weekend we attended this year’s last training course at Nuremberg. We met our trainers Dicki Korb and Patrick Matros to do some flash training in bouldering with video analysis, power work-outs and to reflect the competition season of 2012. We also started to plan the training procedures for next year.

Ruben was pretty happy to climb with Lena Herrmann again. Because of his stay in Zurich he isn’t able to train with the climbing scene from Northern Germany.
We also met our really good friend Heiner Schmiedl who took an extra long way from Kelheim near Regensburg in Southern Germany. For 2013 he provides us with a high qualitive camera for our medial appearance. Thanks a lot Heiner!
We were glad to meet local climber Sarah Seeger, too. It was great fun to train with her.

All in all it was a varied weekend. We were pleased to meet a couple of good friends and train hard to improve our climbing skills. Special thanks go to Dicki Korb and Patrick Matros for training, teaching and supporting us during the whole climbing season! It is an enrichment for us and makes always fun to climb with You guys!

Now we start our travel to Spain to climb on the rocks in the region of Catalonia and Aragon within an international group of climbers from Russia, Norway, England, France and Germany. Let’s crush it boys and girls!

Stay strong,

David & Ruben ;)

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