Climbing against Cancer (CAC)

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Ruben with CAC-founder John

“Climbers against Cancer” (CAC) is a project and an opportunity for climbers to help people with cancer!
Ruben met John in Kranj at the last EYC of this year. John told him that he has cancer and started the project “Climbers against Cancer”. Ruben was really inspired and excited to support him! John is a really friendly guy. Instead of being sad and frustrated because of his cancer diagnosis he was calm and enjoyed spending time with the european youth climbing scene. For Ruben it was impressive to see him handling his disease so well!

We think that CAC shows that climbers shouldn’t be just focused on their performance and results. They should have a look around, should be open-minded and try to support people like John! We hope that this project will start booming. We will give our best to represent CAC in Germany!

You can visit CAC on Facebook! Also have a look on CAC´s webpage!

Greez Ruben & David ;)


Molly Thompson-Smith and Ruben for CAC

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