Back on the rocks: Ruben climbs Strelovod (8c) in Misja Pec

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Strelovod (8c)

Pic by Ruben Firnenburg

After the EYC in Kranj, Jakob Heber Norum and I went to Misja Pec for some rock climbing. It was the first time since spring and after the competition season being on rock routes again. We were syked for some hard stuff!

After a funny trip from Kranj by train, van and taxi we were glad to finally arrive at the climbers’ accommodation in Osp around midnight (Special thnx to Silvo!). The next day we decided to try Strelovod (8c). After we had checked it out, despite the weather was not that good, we had the feeling doing this route without many tries. But the next day, with cold temperatures, it was hard to finish the route. We didn`t become really warm and we got quickly pumped. It startet to rain as well. Finally after 3 days of climbing we needed some rest for our fingers. The weather became even worse with temperatures around or may be less than 5 degrees and we had to fight even more against the cold.

Finally, with some hot stones in our chalkbags and a good mood, we made it! Jakob was first and I send it on the last day just before we had to leave. Our good friend Gasper Pintar took us back to Ljubljana. This trip by car was adventurous because it started to snow seriously and the conditions on the roads were really bad!

This year, I was mainly focused on competition climbing and got some good results. But now I am happy and syked for the rocks and looking forward to our trip to Spain this winter! Thanks to Silvo Karo for accommodation and thanks to Gasper for driving us to the airport!

Greez Ruben ;)

Report Ruben Firnenburg who won the Euro Youth Cup in Slovenia the last weekend, as well as overall, has spent the last week in Misja Pec where he did Strelovod, 8c. Also Jakob Heber Norum (16) has done the 8c.

Ruben: “The Conditions were pretty bad and it was rainy and about 5 °C . It became a little fight so we were really glad sending the nice line after that week and it was good fun! Especially for Jakob the Route was a new success as his first 8c!”

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