European Youth Cup Lead Kranj (SLO)

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Last weekend the final event of the European Youth Cup 2012 was hosted in Kranj near Ljubjana in Slovenia. It was a well-organised competition and I was very glad to meet a big part of the young international climbing scene and friends again. I trained well in Switzerland before and was confident about the fact that, if I climb without doing any mistake, I will have the chance to win this competition. I gave all the rest of the energy I had after a long climbing season and climbed well in the qualifications, reaching the final round. I knew that it wouldn’t make sense to put too much pressure on me, so I managed myself to stay cool and enjoy climbing the final route. It worked well and I was pretty happy being the winner of this day and overall winner of the European Youth Cup Lead 2012 in the Youth B category. I think it was great, finishing this year’s competition season with a 1st place and I’m quite nosy about how it will work next year!

Thanks a lot to my friends, sponsors, trainers, my school in Zurich, my family and everybody who is supporting me :) Now I will take a couple of days time for working on some rock projects, which are left from last year, enjoying the nature and rock-climbing here in Slovenia in Misja Pec and Osp, especially together with Jakob Heber-Norum, a very good friend of mine! See You soon, Ruben ;)

Video of Ruben’s final go on Youtube!

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