Ruben climbs “Frank’s wild years” in Cresciano

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Pic by Markus Senn

Last weekend I decided to go bouldering in Cresciano trying some projects I wasn’t able to finish two weeks ago. “Frank´s wild years” was one of the best looking problems! I was really motivated to try this amazing line on pinches. By the way I met Jan Hojer and Lullu Deubzer which was really surprising. I didn’t expect to meet some friends from Germany here :) After checking out every move, while my crew took some time to try other problems in the wood, that was the chance to concentrate myself and to be totally focused on the climb. With one crashpad and my bag as another pad covering somes stones on the bottom it took me some more tries to top out “Frank´s wild years” (FB 8A/8A+)! Superb problem and one of the best boulders I’ve ever done!
It was nice to stay in Cresciano again! Special thanks to Makus Senn for the pictures, Simon Riediker and Rafael Wernli for having a good time together in the wood!

Greetings Ruben ;)

Video of Ruben climbing “Frank’s wild years” on You Tube!

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