A fine bouldering day in Cresciano

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A few days ago I went bouldering in Cresciano (CH) with my Swiss friends Rebekka Stotz and Makus Senn. It was a fantastic day outside and the conditions were almost perfect. We enjoyed the nice sunny weather and tried some really exciting boulder problems! Among other climbs I could finish “La grotte des soupirs” (fb 7C+) and flashed “Freccia tricolore” (fb 7C). I also climbed “La pioche” (fb 7B+) which is one of the best boulder problems I’ve ever done in this grade. There are such a lot of excellent problems left here in the wood of Cresciano that I’m looking forward to come back for climbing with Rebekka and “Kusi”!

A short video clip from “La grotte des soupirs” and a photo gallery below! Greez Ruben ;)

Video clip of “La grotte des soupirs” (fb 7C+) on Vimeo!

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