European Youth Championships Lead

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Pic by Farid Touchi (DAV)

The 3rd and 4th of November was the premiere of the European Youth Championships in Gemozac near Bordeaux in France. We had a good training in Zurich before and were motivated for one of the last big competitions this year.

In the qualifications we performed well and could easily reach the finals. For the Youth A and Juniors category the final was already on Saturday, so they had to master the stress and concentration of three competition routes in one day. David climbed well and could finish the competition season this year with a good 5th place in Gemozac. At the end it was just one and a half move more to stand on the podium.

Besides works at school for the A-levels and rock climbing David was able to be German Youth Boulder Champion, in the finals of the World Youth Championships Lead (Top 8), 2nd and 3rd place at single European Youth Cups Lead and 3rd place at the European Youth Boulder Cup in L’Argentiere (FRA) in the Youth A category this year. So far, it was a pretty exciting and interesting climbing year for him and he could gain a lot of experience.

For Ruben the final was good too and at least he was satisfied. All athletes climbed pretty strong and it was hard to outbid each other. It was a pity in the run-out of the route that he missed a foot hold on the right side so he was too stretched to hold the next crimp. Finally it was a head-to-head and Ruben got a pretty good 3rd place. For Ruben the season is not finished yet. He still has to compete at the last European Youth Cup in Kranj (SLO) on 24th and 25th of November.

After Kranj we will go to Catalonia during the winter vacations to try some hard route projects there and to do some boulders in Albarracin. We are very pleased to spend the time with good friends from Norway, France and Russia. High excitement ;)

Have a look on the final routes and the competition results below! See You D & R

Final go of Ruben at Vimeo!

Final go of David at Vimeo!

Here You can find the results for Youth B Male at!

Here You can find the results for Youth A Male at!

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  1. There are problems uploading the video clip of Ruben’s final go! It will be published as soon as possible! Greetings David & Ruben ;)

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