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Already working together a couple of months Haglöfs now officially issued a press release about our partnership.

Haglöfs is a Swedish brand to create outstanding products being in line with a 100 years history of manufacturing. Being one of the best outdoor brands in the world Haglöfs ideally meets our needs as ambitious climbers to highly perform under any weather conditions.

Another concern that we share is taking responsibility for the environment in which we are practicing our sport. The key word and one of the mayor goals of Haglöfs is sustainability.

This means more than only durability and long life in providing a functional and qualitative outdoor product. Haglöfs wants to establish a harmonic interaction between environment, ethics and economy while fabricating a product. Part of it is increasing the percentage of sustainable products. Today a big part of Haglöfs products are labeled with a TAKE CARE symbol which includes either the bluesign, recycled material (swapstories) or organic cotton. In the future Haglöfs wants to label almost 100 % of its products with the TAKE CARE symbol. Furthermore it wants to cooperate with the FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION and further stakeholders to enhance the working conditions of the working labors at the places of production.

As our sister Louisa is working scientifically on the subject of sustainability we also feel committed from this side to keep an eye on this issue. More to come soon on this blog in our topics.

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